Tavala Va'a Lean®


$64.95 $69.95 / delivery
$64.95 $69.95 / delivery

Product Description

The perfect blend of the natural plant-based formula in a refreshing flavor is why Tavala's Va'a Lean® is an everyday 'Go to' for Optimal blood chemistry, a subtle yet noticeable boost of energy without the crash or jitters, increased mental clarity, and real hunger control so that you can achieve your healthy weight and feel great.


  • Helps to reduce hunger*
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism*
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range*
  • Boosts performance & mental clarity*
  • Supports mood and focus*
  • Supports enhanced satiation and satiety*
  • Clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight*


This includes:

  • 1-30 stick pack of Va'a Lean®

Count is per bag

Recommended Instructions:

Take one stick pack of Lean™ with 14-18 oz of refreshing cold water anytime preferreably to begin your day, unless you are following the Tavala TLC System® Protocols.

  • For the VERY BEST Weight loss, management and overall health RESULTS—FOLLOW the Tavala TLC System® Protocols below:
  1. We recommend taking 2 capsules of Tavala Trim® along with 2 capsules of Tavala Control™ with a minimum of 8 oz of water to begin your day.
  2. Take 1 stick pack of Va'a Lean® to help with cravings, hunger control, and sustained energy during the lunch hour or just after the lunch hour (1-2p).
  3. Take 2 capsules of Tavala Control® in the late afternoon to early evening (early dinner).

Consistency is key for best results!


  • Keto and Paleo friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian Friendly


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*These statement have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine)
• Organic compound that acts as a central nervous system stimulant*
• Boosts energy*
• Enhances mood*
• Improves focus and cognition*
• Aids in weight loss*


• Extract from an orchid plant
• Increases dopamine and noradrenaline*
• Increases energy and alertness*
• Suppresses appetite*
• Can elevate mood by creating a sense of euphoria*


• Most widely used central nervous system stimulant in the world*
• Boosts energy and stamina*
• Improves focus and memory retention*
• Boosts metabolism*
• Antioxidant*


• Helps suppress appetite*
• Contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that help slow the production of fat in the body*
• Can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and raise healthy cholesterol (HDL) levels*


• High in antioxidants and chlorophyll
• High concentration of EGCG which is thought to reduce inflammation*
• Boosts metabolism and energy expenditure*
• Can help lower cholesterol levels*
• Helps calm the body and mind*
• Enhances mood and aids in concentration*


• Has high amounts of chlorogenic acid (CGA) which has many health benefits in promoting weight loss*
• Has the potential to lower blood pressure*
• Aids in healthy blood glucose levels*